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Medicine Balls
Our mission is to provide a clean and spacious studio with a warm and positive environment to promote health and fitness as a lifestyle, medicine, and therapy for any age and fitness level.

We offer ELITE training and classes that are affordable and efficient. Our fitness trainers know how to give you the best experience every time. We pride our sessions on modifications, progressions, and foundations in order to achieve YOUR goals.

Since 2015, we have been committed to facilitating our community with INTRINSIC motivation, which is the inherent love to stay active. We enjoy helping people! Whether you are an athlete looking to perform better, or an engineer who wants to stay mobile, we want YOU to start your fitness journey here TODAY!
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Training Staff


Why Intrinsic?


"I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs or wants personal training.  He has been instrumental for keeping my husband and I moving and in shape during our later years (we’re both in our 60’s!.  He is truly our friend and we both look forward to each training session."

- Barbara M. 2019

“Michael has coached us for almost 4 years! I really appreciate his knowledge of fitness. He is the most motivated and energetic coach. Thanks for pushing us and believing in our abilities!"

- Teri, Theresa & Pat E. 2018

"I have been going to personal training for 1.5 years. I am so grateful because my trainer is very encouraging and non judgmental. The training has helped me get stronger physically and mentally. Thank you Michael!"

- Rhonda U. 2019

"This is the real deal folks... This is NOT an ordinary boring gym, it is FUN! Michael is so enthusiastic to help people reach their goals. You can't find that very often these days. I highly recommend Intrinsic Training."

- Sarah. H 2016

"Michael has been a positive influence to us not only in fitness, but also in our journey making this country our new home. He is wonderful to train with. He is very knowledgeable not only in fitness, but also in nutrition and wellness. All our workouts with him are different and when it's hard, he makes it fun! He makes it a point to listen to us, our goals and have always come up with detailed workout plans to help us achieve our fitness goals. He's always so full of energy, always encourages and pushes us to do our best. Michael also consistently checks in with us. A sign that he genuinely cares about all his clients."

- Deb L. 2019

"The past 6 years with Michael, his guidance has helped us make better choices with our eating habits and lifestyle in general. He taught us a different way to think about food and which decisions are better than others. One of the things he said to us earlier on was, if we take care of our bodies, they will take care of us. It is not possible to say enough good things about Michael. His professionalism, encouragement and enthusiasm show in every positive improvement he helps us make. Michael is simply the best of the best!"

- Ed L. 2019


"Michael is a professional. He shows it in his voice, conversation and his attitude. Do not look any further for a trainer! Michael is the best."

- Michelle B. 2018

"I have been working out here for over year- and loving it. So much more personal than a big gym and a great workout every time. Michael is fun- and very energetic!"

- Meeta H. 2017

"Excellent, personalized one-on-one training with a consummate professional. Michael's infectious enthusiasm keeps you pushing the limits. Great place for both beginners and experienced exercisers to work out."

- Michelle G. 2018

"I've worked with Michael and he is, without a doubt, one of the most motivating and enthusiastic people I know in the fitness industry. You will not go wrong by visiting his latest adventure."

- Simon D. 2015

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